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BnB Autopilot was founded by a Host for Hosts! We are here to do the heavy lifting and get your property up to speed generating additional income in no time.

What to Expect

BnB property management is a personalized and customized approach to managing properties. Unlike traditional property management, which typically follows a standardized approach to managing properties, BnB property management involves tailoring services to meet the unique needs and preferences of each property owner.

One of the key benefits of BnB property management is that it allows property owners to have more control over the management of their properties. With a customized management plan, property owners can choose which services they want to prioritize and can have more input in the day-to-day operations of their properties.

Clients can expect to earn approximately 25-35% higher net income through our services than through the traditional monthly tenant. BnB property management was founded to help those considering managing their rental property on short term rental platforms like Airbnb and VRBO. With BnB Autopilot property management you can trust that you are in good hands partly because the owner started as an Airbnb host and knows what it takes from a hosting perspective.

Rob Schwaner

Owner & Property Manager

Liz Ottey

Interior Designer & Staging Expert

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BnB Autopilot's team is comprised of Hospitality Experts with a keen eye to detail. We always ensure your property is rented at maximum occupancy, and your guests are happy, comfortable, and safe.

Average Guest Review

We are only compensated on positive guest reviews

Property Setup

Furnish, Photograph and list the property from scratch!


Responding to guest inquiries and emergencies 24/7 during and after stays

Daily Pricing

Updating pricing daily with our intelligent and adaptive algorithm so you can compete with even the best hotels

Guest Bookings

Managing guest bookings, communication, and greeting/key exchange

Professional Cleanings

Providing professional cleaning between guest stays


Screening potential guests for security and fit

Short Term Rental Services throughout the US

BnB Autopilot is here to take care of the entire process of managing properties with the short term rental platform. We are here to start your property from scratch into ongoing management. We will go as far as helping you find the right furnishings for your particular house design and location and bring it to the short term rental market with a splash! To list a few things we will handle messaging, cleanings, laundry services and any repairs as needed. Our goal is for you to be able to pass off the keys to the house and forget about the rest because we will take it from there.

Why BnB Autopilot

BnBAutoPilot was founded to manage short term rental properties

We do everything so you can be hands off
Our systems and market experience increases your gross income
The increase in income results in our fee being covered

Autopilot Edge

BnB Autopilot's management team makes short-term rentals completely passive for property owners


Booking Occupancy

Our pricing tools are designed to maximize profit each and every day taking into account local events and local demand to optimize price and maximize efficiency


Average Response Time < 15 min

Average response time < 15 minutes and 24/7 property management to answer renters questions and concerns at a moments notice


Your Control

You maintain the property listed in your name meaning you get the deposits into your account and lastly should you decide to manage on your own your listing goes with you



You will be able to access all of your listings in one place to monitor progress and keep an eye on things if you so chose

Short Term Rental Services throughout the US

"BnB Autopilot has managed my home for the past year and it has been a great experience. Rob and his team are responsive and really care about my property. Their experience has helped me maintain the revenue I need and I will continue to use BnB Autopilot moving forward."
Home Owner
"The BnB Autopilot team has seamlessly taken over full-time management of my property and has proven essential in maintaining property revenue while ensuring guest satisfaction. They are the best of the best.
Kevin W
Home Owner
Rob and his team at BNB Autopilot are incredible. my house was empty when i first contacted him. Not only did he help me get my place set up with the right furnishings for the Airbnb idea he did it in under a week and had it listed and rented at the end of the first week. I was truly impressed with how efficiently he and his team worked. They are now managing my property and handling all the messages and cleanings.
Home Owner
"I couldn't be happier with BnB Autopilot. They've taken the work out of home-sharing, allowing me to offer multiple properties in a simple, efficient, and very profitable manner.
Tom U
Real Estate investor
If you are currently renting in a traditional annual tenant you could stand to thousands of additional dollars each month through short term property rentals on Airbnb or other short term rental/vacation rental platforms. The average increase in income is 2x greater than that of a traditional annual tenant. Even if you already have an Airbnb or VRBO listing, BnBAutoPilot has the knowledge and experience to optimize your listings to keep your property booked as often as you want. In fact, our clients in Baltimore and Washington DC that were managing their AirBnB accounts on their own reported an average of 35% in increased rental income after allowing BnBAutoPilot to take over their property management.

Airbnb and short term rentals in general are the future of vacation home rentals, so why not do less work yourself and hire BnBAutoPilot as a property management to make more money? You will look back at hiring BnBAutoPilot as the easiest decision you ever made. Send an email to today to find out how AirBnB rental management with BnBAutoPilot can maximize the income you receive with your rental property.